Other Harper Sites and Links
Harp Journals & Newsletters

Folk Harp Journal - beautiful journal just for folk harps: includes articles, reviews, color advertisements, sheet music, and classifieds.  This is a real treat and it comes out just 4 times a year.  The fall 2010 issue was missing graphics for Mary Radspinner's article about learning to read music more easily.  The corrected version is here.

Harp Column - the website has useful discussion forums, classified ads, and event listings.  You can also subscribe to the Harp Column, which has 6 issues per year covering topics applicable to pedal and folk harps.

Harp Therapy Journal

American Harp Society - membership includes the American Harp Journal, which comes out twice a year.  More focused on pedal harp.

General Music Resources 

Practice Spot
(rhythm, theory, chord creator, note names, and other free tools for learning)
Ricci Adams Music Theory (free tutorials)
Music Theory Flash Cards (free site helps you test your music theory knowledge, learn intervals, triads, note names, etc.)

Other Harp Resources

Harplust - a list of all harp makers in the world
Celtic Harp Page - good advice on buying a harp,etc. plus classifieds
Early Gaelic Harp
Harping for Harmony - to promote harmony and community, locally and globally, through harp music
Harp Spectrum - articles about the harp, descriptions of different types, great resource!

Free Harp Music/Tutorials

Kingston Irish TunebookTraditional music, some with chords, all playable on lever harp and free to use!

Aberdeen Harp Project. New harp compositions for lever harp from a variety of artists.

Edinburgh Harp Festival free sheet music downloads. The overview page has some additional tunes (including sound files), and then the 32-page booklet is here.  This is a fun way to get the feeling for what a session would be like at the Edinburgh Harp Festival!

Harp North West "Janewary" music challenges - free sheet music with accompanying tutorials help you add to your skills day by day. Highlights for 2019 include "Pure Imagination" and from the 2018 set, enjoy "Funky Blues"!  Here are links to 2015, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Anna Dunwoodie arrangements for lever harp (with levels indicated for each download).
Marianne Bouvette has several free compositions and arrangement along with links to Youtube videos for reference.
Looking for practice session music?  Try the Center for Irish Music and look at their "Common Repertoire" under Resources.

Big Sky Harp Society has PDF and Midi files available for free.

Instructional videos by Ray Pool.  Learn the basics from a master of lever and pedal harp.
Horn and Harp - music and tutorials from Barbara Ann Fackler, including a link to all notation used in Bernard Andres' compositions.
"Little Lessons"- online tutorials by Stephanie Curcio
Making Music Fun - free harp music at the beginning and intermediate level
Melody's - click on the "free music" link on the left-hand side
Reigning Harps - click on the "featured harp music" link on the left (print the pdf file), and click on Harp Music Archives link for music from past quarters.
Music by Karen Marshalsay - some free music and learn about some interesting new collections of music composed and arranged by 19 current scottish harpers, in 3 volumes by level (beginner/intermediate/advanced)
Tunes played by Laoise Kelly - pdf of the lead sheet (see "notation links at top right) and a sound clip from her "Just Harp" CD so you can follow along
Music by Janet Lanier - pdf files for you to enjoy, includes solo, duets, and trio (also holiday music)
Music by RoJean Loucks - several pieces, most in lead sheet format. Fingerings marked and very clear notation.  Lots of favorites here!
Music by Gillie Robson - full arrangements, original work
Music colleted by Tibicen - harp tutorials and ancient music, includes Drive the Cold Winter Away
Music by Jerry Bauer - two full collections of music for a 26-string harp (the Limerick, but good for any harp).

Harp Sellers in Wisconsin

Spruce Tree Music - Madison's premier string dealer and repair shop.  Dusty Strings, Triplett, Thormahlen and occasionally used instruments as well as strings and sheet music for folk harp.    

Harpsong Studio - Stevens Point, WI, harps from Musicmakers plans by Melanie Wiltse for sale/rent and a wide variety of sheet music.

Heid Music - Appleton, Green Way, Wisconsin Rapids, and Madison, WI, harps for sale or rent-to-own.  Ask for Pete at the Appleton store.  They typically have harps by Lyon and Healy, Triplett, Dusty Strings, Stoney End, and the R Merlin.  They also carry harp sheet music (check availability at each location).
Other Harp Shopping Links
(just a sampling)

Lyon & Healy West - large selection of pedal and folk harp music

Melody's Traditional Music and Harp Shoppe - huge selection of sheet music, also has new and used harps for sale

Michigan Harp Center - used/new pedal and folk harps and sheet music

Sylvia Woods Harp Center - great selection of sheet music, pedal and folk harps, and helpful hints for those just getting started

Vanderbilt Music Company - used/new pedal and folk harps and sheet music